Jul 7 • 27M

Navigating the Storm - A Creative Artist's Guide to Managing Stress and Anxiety

“It’s scary in the dark, but what’s more scary to me is denying and suppressing what lurks beneath the surface.”

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Petra Borzynski
Welcome to the Creative Cure, the podcast that explores questions related to creativity and the mental health of creative artists. Whether you are a writer, musician, visual artist, or any other type of creative: Join me as I lift the curtain on the creative process and the mental health challenges that sometimes throw a spanner in the works.
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The artist Emma Haddow (who gave us today’s quote) will have her own thoughts about this, but what is it that lurks beneath the surface for you? Maybe you feel overwhelmed by deadlines, expectations, or criticism. Maybe you struggle with self-doubt, perfectionism, or imposter syndrome. Maybe you worry about your finances, your future, or your artistic vision. Whatever the cause, stress affects our mental and physical health, as well as our creativity and productivity.

Join me for today’s episode, in which we will talk about how stress and anxiety affect us as creative artists, what myths surrounding them should be stamped out for good, and how you can “navigate the storm”.

Questions for Exploration

  • How do you currently cope with stress and anxiety?

  • What are the main sources of stress or anxiety for you as a creative artist?

  • What are some myths or tropes that you have encountered or believed about how stress and anxiety affect creative artists?

  • How do you balance your creative work with your personal life?

  • What are some goals that you have for yourself as a creative artist?

  • Who are some of the artists that inspire you or support you in your creative journey?

  • What are some of the benefits of creating art for your mental health?

  • How do you balance your passion for your art with your well-being?

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